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LJ Strike!
Here's some disturbing reads:
LJ stops the creation of new basic (adfree) accounts
Changes SUP didn't think LJ's users would notice.
Nostalgia: LiveJournal's Greatest Fuck-Ups.

Want to protest against LJ censoring the interest pages and removing the Basic account level? Join the strike and repost this to your own journal!

Everything's explained at beckyzoole's LJ, but basically: on Friday, March 21st, we will not be posting or commenting for 24 hours. I know that's hard for us LJ dwellers, but we must in order to bring back our beloved LJ.

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Yeah, it's not a big deal to me either. I have the plus account - which is Free but with extra user pics and ads on every page. I'm not on here nearly enough for that to bother me.

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