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Meet Bear
Here is Bear.
So far he is a good puppy.
FYI: Giant pictures headed your way...






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Awww he's SO cute! I want him!

if it were up to me i'd give him to you. ha

omfg. he reminds me of roxy when she was that young. that little pup is going to grow up REALLY fast. good luck.

my parents have a german shepherd, we had her as a pup since she was 5 weeks old? We were told that we took her away from her mother too soon, hmm.

wow 5 weeks? we took him home at 8 which is the requirement. brian got him from a top breeder.

i can't wait until he has control of his bladder. i don't like the puppy stage.

he already a few commands: sit, come, and he recognizes his name.
i was pretty impressed by that in just a few days.

OH! AND be sure to give him calcium tablets when he's about a few months old? that way his ears start to stick up all the way.

thanks for the tip. i'll tell brian about it. he's pretty anxious for those ears to stick up.


Bear is such a harsh name. Especially for a German Shepard!

LOL. i don't know what it is and guys naming their dogs. my guy friend has a german shepherd named diesel. another one is killer. so and and so on.

i actually like bear. it's cute, but it's also masculine and not too over the top.

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